Reimagine Your Classroom

At Sun Valley Community School, we believe learning happens everywhere.

Across divisions, our students dig deep and, sometimes, travel far to immerse themselves in learning experiences that leave a lasting impact. The following are just a few of the "classrooms" Sun Valley Community School students explore.

Already, Sun Valley Community School has inspired and nurtured the pursuit of multiple interests—from music, photography and acting to writing, debate, forensics and the outdoors.


Leigh Barer, Alumni Parent Class of 2021


Academically challenging and collaborative, Sun Valley Community School offers students the ability to work outside traditional experiences. Specifically, the Outdoor Program drew us to the school. It has been so rewarding for Carter, and he has learned so much about himself. He has found the reward in trying things that are challenging both academically and in the Outdoor Program.


Stephanie Sammis, Current Parent