Learn How Your Life Will Change

You will be known and nurtured as you explore and pursue your passions.

You will be provided exceptional opportunities to explore, pursue, and lead.

You will try new things.



You will find joy and wonder in learning about the world around you.

You will be challenged to dig deep and to reflect, gaining insight into the your own and others' lives.

You will find yourself in wild and beautiful places, and you will feel the power of these landscapes to transform and inspire.


You will be known and challenged by faculty committed to connecting with you and supporting your passions.






You will earn the confidence to share your ideas and effect change, among your peers and in the wider world.

You will push past your comfort zone and grow into your best self.

You will exceed your own expectations as you walk further, climb higher, and paddle longer than you thought possible.

You will move on from here, equipped with skills practical and profound, and you will find your authentic path to the next best place.



The teachers at Sun Valley Community School are incredible—and it's not just the parents who are aware of that, it's the kids in particular who really realize what they have at this school. The value of that student-teacher connection is noticeable.


Jess Wolcott, Alumni Parent


There have been numerous times since our daughter joined Sun Valley Community School when she has said, "I can take care of it myself." To see that confidence bloom has been so wonderful. So many things have come together for her this year, and she has been so supported. That is a huge gift.


Rachel Webster, Current Parent


The class size here, the smaller ratio of kids to teachers, provides more opportunities for kids to see the value of respect—among the students for one another and between kids and their teachers.


Annie Kaiser, Alumni Parent