Join a Collaborative Community

Students and an instructor form a circle with their kayaks in a lake

Three divisions, One Vibrant School

At Sun Valley Community School, three divisions come together on our Trail Creek Campus to create one vibrant community—on campus and in the wider world.

At our pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade independent school, students interact in planned and spontaneous ways each day, through long-held school traditions and more-casual connections, which foster relationships that enrich the learning and social experiences of all of our students.

The end of the school day does not signal the end of Sun Valley Community School’s collaborative connections. Our faculty and staff can be found on the sidelines of soccer games, alongside ski race courses, in the audience at theater productions, and in myriad other settings beyond the classroom where our students pursue their passions.

Faculty, staff, students, and families are also deeply connected to the towns and neighborhoods that form our unique mountain community, contributing to the culture of the Wood River Valley in essential ways and valuing opportunities to form meaningful relationships on campus and wherever our adventures take us.

Sun Valley Community School Tradition: K-Pals

Each fall, Sun Valley Community School fifth graders assume a much-anticipated responsibility when they are paired with a kindergartener, or "K-Pal." Once paired, the duo spends time together throughout the year, connecting through organized activities and informally when they spot one another on campus.

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The pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade campus is a benefit because it provides kids mentors at all levels. From beginning to end, the interaction between older and younger students is critical. The opportunity for role models for all students is present.

Miles Canfield, Current Parent

It’s a very inclusive environment. Everyone from kids to parents have been so welcoming. Our older daughter, Kate, who joined the school as a junior, loved that she could be friends with kids throughout the school—all grades.


Georganna Weatherholtz, Alumni Parent