An Academy for Snow Sports

Race. Fly. Glide. Ride. Go Big.

If you love to play in the snow, this is your place. Whether what drives you is speed, mastering tricks in the halfpipe or in the terrain park, seeking the best line on the biggest mountain, or gliding across the finish line in a cross country event, there is no better place to live and to train than Sun Valley and no better program than Sun Valley Ski Academy.

Yes, we are a top-notch ski academy, but that's just one aspect of what we do. Here, don't have to choose between excelling in competition and in the classroom. Our faculty, coaches, and our support staff are here to help you excel in all arenas. What's more? At this ski academy, you are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities that we offer—the arts, our Outdoor Program, service learning, athletics, and more. 



SVSA Alpine athlete Dasha '20 competes on Bald Mountain.


SVSA Cross Country athlete Johnny Hagenbuch '20 competes at Lake Creek.

A snowboarder training in a halfpipe
SVSA Snowboard athlete Elk '19 trains on Dollar Mountain.


SVSA Freestyle athlete Sammie Smith '24 competes on Bald Mountain.


SVSA Big Mountain athlete Paris Pratt '20 finds her line.


SVSA Freeski athlete Easton Turck '25 competing on his home turf at Dollar Mountain.