Sophia '19

Cross country skiers on a snowy mountain

The great thing about SVSA is that we are both a school and a ski academy program. The fact that we are both means that students here are engaged in all different types of interests and activities; we’re not just skiers—we’re pursuing all types of passions and we have the opportunity to participate in really interesting offerings.

Ella '19

A smiling girl outfitted in ski gear

Sun Valley Community School is really open to allowing you to try new things. This year I went out for the track team, which allowed me to meet new people and try something different. And whatever the activity is, everyone is really welcoming—you don’t have to be the best; everyone is welcome.

Johnny '20

Two cross country skiers on a ski trail

We are a school with skiing on the side; not a ski academy with school on the side. There’s no polarization between those two parts of our school—we benefit from the best of both.

Cailin '19

A downhill skier on a ski slope

Initially, when I was touring Sun Valley Community School, the flexible scheduling and the different competition division via IMD were both really appealing. Then, as I met all the teachers, I could tell that they all really wanted to be here. Now that I’m here, I see that even more; they want to be here and to help us succeed. In a public school, sometimes, you don’t get that feeling.

Max '19

A skier practicing on a ski slope

The relationships between teachers and students here are really valuable. I never hesitate to ask my teachers questions, and I feel like I’m always on the same page as my teachers.