Balancing School & Skiing

Two students on laptops sitting at a table

Two boys on laptops sitting at a table


You’re an Athlete and a Student. At SVSA, You Can Be Both.


As a Sun Valley Ski Academy student-athlete, you will be supported to pursue you on-snow passion and your academic goals and participate in student life at Sun Valley Community School.

Your SVSA Support Structure

Four boys holding signs of the colleges they will be attending


Traveling to compete in the middle of the ski season can be very stressful. Balancing school, racing, and trying to get enough sleep is one of the hardest part of the ski season. The teachers at Sun Valley Community School are very understanding and helpful; I always feel like I am supported by the dorm staff, my teachers, and my coaches, and that they all have my best interests in mind.


Bergen '18, SVSA Alpine Athlete


Reimagine Your Classroom

A girl on a mountain

Learning happens everywhere. As a student at Sun Valley Ski Academy, you will participate in Sun Valley Community School’s standard-setting Outdoor Program. Three times a year, the outdoor curriculum will take you into the wilderness, where adventures might see you:

  • Backpacking the remote beaches of the Washington Coast;
  • Backcountry skiing deep powder in the Sawtooth Mountains;
  • Navigating your kayak down the Main Salmon river;
  • Exploring the desert landscape of Southern Utah;
  • Opportunities to lead abound and everyone’s voice counts in this ultimate experiential, hands-on learning classroom: the outdoors.