Sun Valley Ski Academy

You are ready to commit to your passion; we are ready to support your dream.

As a student-athlete at Sun Valley Ski Academy, you will find your balance—on snow and in the classroom—in the unparalleled Rocky Mountain setting in Sun Valley, Idaho. You will pursue your athletic passions with the guidance of renowned coaches and engage in a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum at Sun Valley Community School, one of the country’s finest private day and boarding schools. Throughout your journey, you will be supported by a flexible schedule and by committed, compassionate, and knowledgeable faculty, coaches, and advisors.

An Academy for Snow Sports

We offer a ski and snow sports academy built around the belief that you shouldn't have to settle. SVSA doesn't ask you to choose between your passion for competition and your desire to get a high-quality college prep education. We actively and successfully support you as you pursue both and so much more. Our competitive athletes also take part in other school sports, school plays, service learning activities, our peerless Outdoor Program, and more.  In addition, our unbeatable location in the Rocky Mountains offers you the chance to train in Sun Valley, Idaho—the birthplace of ski racing in America

SVSA Voices

The great thing about Sun Valley Community School is that we are both a school and a ski academy program. The fact that we are both means that students here are engaged in all different types of interests and activities. We're not just skiers—we're pursuing all types of passions, and we have the opportunity to participate in really interesting offerings. Sophia ‘19
My relationships with my teachers are absolutely amazing. All of our teachers are so supportive and willing to help us. We still have assignments and due dates, but we have flexibility. We are really fortunate to have the support of the faculty. Bennett ‘19
Sun Valley Community School was such an inclusive and amazing experience and I think the ski academy is similar in the sense that they cater to a wide variety of athletes. Depending on your goals, whether it’s USSA, NorAm or World Cup racing, the coaches and teachers help you find your fit and make it work. That was such a cool experience for me, and I’ve not heard of anything like it anywhere else. Sofi ‘12