Upper School Athletics

Prep School Athletics

Sun Valley Community School students set high goals for themselves in the classroom and on the fields, courts, and snow.

Cutthroat athletes are defined by their passion, determination, and sportsmanship.

Cutthroats push themselves to their full potential in soccer, tennis, cross-country, track and field, volleyball, golf, basketball, and mountain biking. Beyond school offerings, students compete in individual and team sports such as figure skating, hockey, and equestrian events.

The Sun Valley Ski Academy, a unique partnership between Sun Valley Community School and the renowned Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, provides snow sport athletes world-class coaching for Alpine, cross country, freestyle skiing, and snowboarding.

Upper School Team Sports

Sun Valley Community School's Upper School teams compete in the IHSAA's 2A  District IV, in the Canyon Conference. In both boys' and girls' soccer, and tennis, the Cutthroats compete in the 3A Classification. Our mountain bike team competes in the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League. Strong parental support and an excellent coaching staff drive the success of our program. With great dedication, our coaches instill sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and proficiency in our athletes. We value the fact that our graduates continue to participate in sports throughout their lives.


In addition to playing on school sports teams, Sun Valley Community School students compete in a wide variety of individual athletic pursuits. Cutthroat athletes have achieved high-level success in hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, equestrian events, and more. In the Upper School, the term system, scheduling flexibility, and summer school options allow serious athletes to tailor their academic year to maximize in-season training time without sacrificing educational quality and progress.

Ice skaters practicing a routine

Meet the Director of Athletics

Sun Valley Ski Academy


Sun Valley Ski Academy (SVSA) pairs the best of a Sun Valley Community School education with the proven coaching power of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, a USSA Gold level certified club, placing it amongst the best ski clubs in the nation. Together we provide an outstanding academic program that gives ninth grade through postgraduate day and boarding student-athletes a solid foundation for college with the flexibility to pursue intensive training and competition schedules.