Middle School Athletics

Sun Valley Community School students are encouraged to explore a variety of athletic opportunities in their Middle School years to learn what they love.

As they participate alongside classmates and learn from coaches—who are often also their classroom teachers—they develop authentic relationships and trust as well as athletic skills and fitness.


At the Middle School level, participation and skill building are prioritized. Coaches encourage sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to dive in and give their best effort in a four-day-a-week competitive training environment. Middle School teams travel to compete with schools in the Wood River and Magic Valleys.

MS Fall Team Sports

Boys + Girls Soccer 
Girls Volleyball
Mountain Bike Team


MS Winter Team Sports

Boys + Girls Basketball

MS Spring Team Sports

Track and Field
Tennis (Intramural)


Many Middle School students participate in individual and team sports outside of school, including skiing, snowboarding, hockey, martial arts, dance, climbing, and horseback riding.

Meet the Director of Athletics

MS Athletics Philosophy

The primary objective of our Middle School athletics program is to facilitate student relationships while promoting health and well-being in our school community. These relationships form a critical foundation for social, emotional, and academic success in our classrooms.

  • We are a participation-based program where inclusion of all athletes of all skill levels is celebrated in practice sessions and in our games, meets, and matches.
  • We believe that the greatest number of athletes competing in any given middle school offering is ultimately what serves our upper school athletic offerings best.
  • We acknowledge and honor the diverse experience students bring to our programs and make our best effort to differentiate our practices and if appropriate, our rosters, to ensure all our athletes grow and improve as young men and women.
  • We are not a substitute or an extension of competitive travel programs that exist in our Valley. We operate and make program decisions based on goals and objectives that serve our greater school community.
  • We believe that overall student health and well-being is enriched by participating in a diverse set of athletic activities, including those activities and sports that are not familiar to them. As such, we strive to create athletic environments that supports students in this endeavor.