Athletic fields with students practicing


In our thriving mountain town, Sun Valley Community School students and families make the most of the endless opportunities to move and explore. This love for an active lifestyle translates to a community that loves to play—and to compete—on the fields, on the courts, on the snow, on bikes, on the ice, and wherever else their passions take them.

Our small school size allows for a wide range of athletic commitment—from exploration, to skill development, to fierce competition—in team and individual sports. There’s room here for committed athletes and curious participants. Across all divisions, the goal is for students to participate, have fun, and find challenge.

How will you choose to play?

The Making of a Mascot: Sun Valley Community School Cutthroat

A Cutthroat - the mascot of Sun Valley Community School


Sun Valley Community School’s mascot is the Cutthroat trout. This native Idaho species of trout is the Idaho State Fish, and it’s scrappy, aggressive nature makes it a favorite of anglers. The school adopted the Cutthroat as our mascot in 1984 when the yearbook staff ran a contest to select a mascot for the school. The story goes that Andrew Lesher, a member of the class of 1984, when his mother, a fly fishing guide, made the suggestion. Students voted to adopt the Cutthroat, and the rest is history. Our Cutthroat teams proudly sport the Cutthroat mascot today.

Meet the Director of Athletics

Our family took a big leap when we moved here from Atlanta. It was a big change for all of us, but we have loved it. Here, our older daughter, who is in Upper School, hadn’t played tennis since she was eight, but she went out for the team and played varsity; our younger daughter, who is in Middle School, had not played soccer since she was five and made the Middle School team and was instantly made to feel like she was needed and necessary on the team. In larger cities, that’s often not possible because kids are so often focused on one sport from the time they’re really young. Here, they have so much fun.
Georganna Weatherholtz, Alumni Parent