A girl glazing a ceramic piece in art class

arts at Sun Valley community school

Across all three divisions, arts play an essential role in a Sun Valley Community School education. Students spend focused time in classes devoted to visual arts, performing arts, and music, and arts are integrated in the curriculum.


Elementary School Arts

In the Elementary School, students are introduced to the fundamentals of theatre, dance, music, and art. The goal of the Elementary School creative arts program is to nurture each child’s creativity and install a sense of enthusiasm for the creative process.

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Middle School Arts

In Middle School, students begin to transition from the general to a more in-depth exploration of materials, themes, and experimentation. Students at the middle school level are encouraged to work collaboratively, whether on an art project, a music ensemble, or a theatrical production. At this level, students are encouraged to participate and begin to develop a passion for some aspect of the creative arts.

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Upper School Arts

At the Upper School level, students are encouraged not only to continue their pursuit of a specific interest in the creative arts, but also to explore new avenues for creative expression. Classes in the creative arts at the Upper School level emphasize a refinement of skills and development of technique and efficiency.

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At Sun Valley Community School, anyone can participate in the arts. In any given production our casts include all kinds of students, from those who have been dedicated to theater since birth, to those who include theatre alongside many other hobbies, to those who have never stepped foot onstage but want to try something new. To me, that is really incredible.


Chloe '18


Ethan discovered his passion for the arts here and is excited about the Creative Arts Academy. He enthusiastically plays the violin and ukulele, and he jumps at the chance to sing, dance, and act in theatre productions. He ran from the stage as young child, but today welcomes the opportunity to perform.


Leigh Barer, Parent of Class of 2021 Graduate


Carter pushed himself in a way I would have never imagined this year by trying out for the Middle School musical. It was a surprise to us, as he didn’t have any theatre experience! He was worried about his peers' reactions because he has always been the athlete and acting and singing was not his norm. He was happily surprised to find that his ski team friends were the ones who made posters and chanted his name after the show congratulating him with pats on back and genuine support. I commend Carter and I truly commend the Sun Valley Community School faculty and staff for supporting him! He tried something out of his comfort zone and found success—a life lesson that will last forever!


Stephanie Sammis, Current Parent