Outdoor Program

At Sun Valley Community School, our curriculum map traverses mountains, rivers, Deserts, and forests.

Through our renowned Outdoor Program, pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students learn and find meaningful challenge when they step outside their comfort zone through outdoor experiences in our backyard and in surrounding Western states. These transformative trips foster connection, impart lessons practical and profound, and instill a lifelong love for wild places.

Outdoor Program Voices

The Outdoor Program challenges me to do my best and has made me try harder. It helps me discover who I am and helps me to know my friends better; I learn things about them I wouldn't have known without the trip.
Parker '23

The Outdoor Program is life changing. We can't predict where our kids will go in life but for them to learn how to survive in the wilderness; how to responsibly start a campfire; navigate; cook over a camp stove and hike for miles will place them within a unique group of people in this world. Those kinds of experiences are critical and the kids return from these trips realizing what they are capable of. It's empowering.

Jess Wolcott, Current Parent


The Outdoor Program Trips and the incredible teachers really helped me figure out who I wanted to be when I grew up. Community School fueled my passion for the outdoors and for life.
Drew Stoecklein '03