Winter at Sun Valley Community School = ACTIVE + ENGAGED!

We believe in access and effort. If we provide students with access to incredible opportunities and they put in the effort—great things will happen. And by the way, we also think hibernating in the winter is for the bears!

Our students are active and engaged even though the temperatures have dropped and daylight hours are in short supply. This winter, we've seen Middle School students write, direct, stage, costume, and act in their Annual One-Act Play Festival. We've cheered on our Cutthroat Hoopsters in the Middle and Upper Schools. Our Elementary School students have built snow cave villages and constructed pin hole cameras. We've welcomed back an athlete with a gold medal from the Cross-Country Skiing Junior Worlds. Some of our seniors have learned the ins and outs of literary criticism and Constitutional Law. We've unplugged from our digital lives and explored and camped in the snowy wilderness areas around us. We've also read books, learned new math formulas, honed our language skills, volunteered hours of community service, written papers and more papers, worked in groups and alone. In other words, it's been a rich winter season. 

Our school offers a wide breadth of opportunities to our students. But the Community School experience is more than access. It's about the effort our students put in; it's about them taking ownership and leadership. At every division, our students are engaged in the pursuit of their passions or interests that might become passions! And we're having fun to boot. What could be better?