Visual Arts Student Spotlight: Miren Sanchez-duPont '18

Visual Arts Student Spotlight: Miren Sanchez-duPont '18

Senior Miren Sanchez-duPont will graduate from Community School this spring having fully explored the visual arts curriculum in the Upper School. With a passion for conveying the natural landscape and animal life, Miren has created an impressive body of work, which reflects her personal interpretations of the natural world and her love for the outdoors. Here, Miren shares some insight into her journey in the arts at Community School.

Q. Which art classes have you taken in the Upper School?

I have taken Studio Art I, II, and III, and Advanced Studio Art twice. I have also taken Ceramics I, as well as Black and White Film Photography.

Q. What has been your favorite class?

I think my favorite class would probably be Studio Art because I usually spent my class time doing projects that allow me to follow my personal interests. I also enjoyed ceramics because it was something a little different than my usual style.

Q. What is your preferred medium?

My preferred medium is either drawing with pencil/charcoal or painting with oil paints. Although I love to try different things, so it is difficult to say I have a specific medium that I prefer. All of my artwork follows a common theme: the outdoors (nature, animals, the natural world), which is something that means a lot to me. Creating my art pieces gives me a chance to interpret the world in a physical way and share it with others. I love the moment when my pieces go from looking like a couple blobs to becoming something realistic and meaningful.

Q. Is there a project in Upper School that you have been especially proud of or that has been a significant accomplishment?

I don't think I have a favorite project, but I think I have accomplished a lot in the sense that I have improved a significant amount throughout the years, and I have expanded the scope the mediums I use—from pencil drawings to oil/acrylic paintings, to watercolor paintings, to print making, and I am going to begin working on a wood burning project.

Q. Do you have plans to continue to pursue art in college or on your own after graduation?

I do plan to both take art courses in college and continue pursuing art on my own outside of school.