Traditions Take Center Stage in December

Traditions give shape and texture to a community. Over the course of our unique 45-year history, some truly unique traditions have developed. This past December, two of these traditions took center stage. 


On December 20, the Fishtank buzzed with Cutthroats from all divisions belting it out during the All-School Sing-Along. While this tradition is a relatively young one in the history of our school, that does not diminish the vigor with which our Cutthroats approach it. This year's Sing-Along featured Upper School students performing Rosemary and Betty Clooney's classic "Sisters," and Middle School students "Carol of the Belles." The 1st grade wasn't to be outdone; they performed "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," while the all-female faculty a capella group "Faculty Lounge" performed "It Happened in Sun Valley before kicking off the traditional, "14 Days of Vacation" which is traditionally sung by our cross-grade, cross-divisional Color Groups. Later in the afternoon, the spirit of the holidays remained strong when the Early Childhood Center families and students gathered on the quad for their own sing-along, complete with hot chocolate and treats. 

On December 21, we honored the school's second oldest tradition, Powder Day, by heading up on Sun Valley's Bald and Dollar Mountains for some stellar turns. This annual event dates back to the 1970s because the head of school, Sam Hazard, would call a Powder Day when the weather patterns smiled on the valley. While the logistics of pulling off a Powder Day in 2018 is a bit more complicated than back in Sam Hazard's day, students and faculty still love the event.