Student Fundraisers: Senior Projects/Classes, Donate & Help Today!

Our students strive to make a difference to the world around them and we LOVE to hear about the good things they do to accomplish that! Recently, we've had an outpouring of student-led fundraisers, whether it was for a Senior Project or Spanish class. We felt it might be useful to include all the links in one place so YOU can read more, become educated on the topic and cause, and decide if you would like to contribute. 

Sinako Urban Farms, Senior Project by Miriam Gilman '19

Ritsona Refugee Camp, Senior Project by Faye Prekeges '19

Preserve Bali's Ecosystems, Senior Project by Chloe Lewis '19

The Future Scholars of Africa, Freshman Class Project, Please donate by visiting the Upper School Office (Jill Gabe)

Stove Team International, 8th Grade Spanish Class Project, Ends May 24