Head of School Photo of the Week 9.11

Last week, we unfortunately needed to cancel our iconic fall eighth grade outdoor trip to Glacier National Park due to the environmental conditions caused by the fires in and around the park. This abrupt change in plans presented our eighth grade students and faculty with an excellent opportunity to practice an essential skill: the ability to adapt. In the wake of the news of the trip cancellation last Friday, eighth graders began creating a new week of programming filled with adventure and exploration to replace the trip itinerary, while still advancing the learning goals of the trip and the eighth grade curriculum. The focus, thoughtfulness, creativity, and flexibility demonstrated by the students were a wonder to witness. Life does not always go as planned, and the ability to happily adjust is a critical skill for us all. Learning how to be adaptable is a skill that serves students well throughout their years at Community School and is invaluable as they transition to college and their professional lives. Well done eighth grade!