Head of School Photo of the Week: 12.11


I am deeply grateful for the dedication of the faculty and staff who work so hard to deliver on the promise of our mission. This past weekend, we were able to honor 14 members of the staff for their incredible commitment to their craft, the students, and the school. We celebrated faculty members who have reached 10-, 20-, or 30-year milestones in their years of service with the presentation of a Cutthroat pin. Specifically, Anne Aganon, Bags Brokaw, Erika Connelly, Tana Dean, Naomi Goldberg, Trent Herbst, Brad Hershey, Keith Keim, Melanie Kragerud, Mike McGonigal, Gabby Rafford, Gretchen Thoreen, and Travis Vandenburgh all received their 10-year pins. In addition, the remarkable and incomparable Pilar Lindahl received her 30-year pin! Please join me in thanking these members of the faculty staff for their love of and service to the school and their incredible contributions to the life of our children.