Head of School Photo of the Week: 10.16

As educational psychologist Carl Rogers once said, "No good thing happens in education without relationships." I could not agree more. The powerful relationships that are formed between students and teachers at Community School are so vital to all that we are able to accomplish throughout the program, and they are formed through the shared experiences in the classroom and other learning opportunities,  the Outdoor Program, athletics, advisory, the arts, and so much more.

The willingness of faculty and staff members to immerse themselves in the life of the school makes those relationships possible. Erika Connelly is a wonderful example: An alum of Community School (class of 2003), Erika teaches Middle School PE and Enhancement, has her own advisory group, assists with the eighth grade team, leads Outdoor Program trips, serves as an Outdoor Leadership Academy advisor, and is currently planning an excursion that will take students on a women's leadership trip through France. In addition, she coaches girls' soccer and is a volunteer participant on the Strategic Planning Committee, where she is serving as a sub-committee co-chair.

Erika's commitment and diverse talents are emblematic of our entire staff, and I am grateful for the tremendous investment our committed team makes in the school and the student learning experience, which truly makes Community School special.

(Photo, left: Erika, top row, far left, led a group of Outdoor Leadership Academy students on a hike up Galena Peak this summer.)