Faculty Friday: Naomi Goldberg

Naomi Goldberg joined Community School in 2006 and currently teaches eighth grade humanities, serves as Middle School humanities department head, is faculty advisor to the Middle School yearbook, and coordinates all community service programming in Middle School.

Naomi holds a BA from Duke University in psychology and English and is pursuing a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from University of Scranton.

With prior experience as an outdoor trip leader, Naomi was initially attracted to Community School by the Outdoor Program. "I knew that any school that believed in the value of taking students into the backcountry three or four times a year would be in line with my philosophical beliefs about teaching and learning," she says. Since joining the school as a faculty member, she has consistently seen the value of outdoor experiences in building meaningful relationships that enhance learning and has also come to appreciate the team/theme model of teaching in the Middle School. The team approach, she notes, "allows us to integrate all subject areas the way that students will encounter them in the 'real world.'"

When she's not teaching, Naomi can be found skate skiing in the winter, mountain biking in the summer, or camping with friends and family. "I also love to read and share books with students, colleagues, and friends," she says.