Faculty Friday: Joel Vilinsky

Joel Vilinsky joined Community School in 2000 and currently teaches the humanities curriculum for seventh grade, directs the Middle School drama department, and teaches Creative Writing, Play Writing, Acting, Improvisation, and Beach Volleyball. He is a past chair of the English Department.

Joel holds a BS in psychology and a BA in English from the University of Albany, an MEd in secondary English education from Tufts University, and completed an Eastern Virginia Writing Fellowship at College of William and Mary.

In his work in the classroom and in the theatre, Joel appreciates his students' engagement. "They're always teaching me what I don't know, and pointing out what I didn't see," he says. He also loves to see the learning that happens when students are able to challenge themselves to step beyond their comfort zone. "Edging students from the nest, whether it be exploring new talents or taking academic risks during discussions and projects, is what's most inspiring every day," he notes.

An experienced actor, Joel appears regularly in productions for Hailey's Company of Fools theater and enjoys writing, playing volleyball, and spending time with his wife, Jeanne.