Faculty Friday: Hannah Loeb

Hannah Loeb joined Community School in 2017 and currently teaches Upper School English and directs The Blue Notes, Community School's new Upper School choir.

Prior to joining Community School, Hannah taught Upper School English at International School Nido De Aguilas in Santiago, Chile.

Hannah holds a BA in English (with a concentration in creative writing – poetry) from Yale University and an MFA in creative writing from the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa. Her poetry has appeared in the literary magazines SequestrumBoothAmerican Chordata, and Prodigal, among others.

Hannah says, of her experience at our school: "I love teaching at Community School because it's vibrant. Vibrant the snowflaked lawn; vibrant the students' doubts and tendernesses; vibrant the yearly schedule, with its wild lacunae; vibrant the force of the faculty's ambition to improve ceaselessly. Reading Virginia Woolf's own vibrant prose alongside my students in English 10, watching them come alive at the perception of her unparalleled perception, I feel so grateful that I can live a life which feeds me more life, give a learning that learns me more—and that's Community School."