Community School: "Where I Wish I Had Gone to School"

When educational thought leader Grant Lichtman visited Community School the week of August 21, he shared valuable insight through an open presentation to parents and through professional development workshops with faculty and staff. As Community School launches our strategic planning process this year, Grant's visit was especially relevant. In his presentation to parents and throughout his work with faculty and staff, he asked us to consider, "what's possible" and to contemplate big ideas without boundaries—to answer the "what if"  questions that can help guide the school's planning process in the the next year. His visit prompted great discussions about how we can move forward as a school, but it also reaffirmed our core strengths and that a lot of what we are doing is right. He was excited about what a unique and empowering experience we offer students and families.

Grant posted about his experience on his blog yesterday, wherein he repeated what he had shared with faculty and staff during a working dinner, his tag line for the school: "Where I Wish I Had Gone to School." Read the blog here.