Head of School Photo of the Week: September 18, 2017

Our fourth grade class has been working on creating a soulful and culturally rich classroom experience. Early this year, the class has been designing mandalas, a traditional artistic form in the shape of a circle with various geometric and symmetrical constructs. Mandalas are used as spiritual representations in a wide variety of cultures around the world. On Friday morning, the class presented their project at the Elementary School Community Meeting, and they also took the time to create a video about the project. The opportunity for our students to create something by hand, with strong connections to mathematics, history, and cultural diversity, while also communicating their understanding confidently in a variety of settings, is an exceptional example of the hands-on, cross-disciplinary, project-based work that makes our school special. Incredible work fourth grade!



Photo: Fourth grader Anna Yuras displays her mandala.