Head of School Photo of the Week: January 31, 2020

Every day, on our campuses, we get to bear witness to or take part in moments of brilliance. These moments may seem small on the surface, but in reality, they carry an immeasurable momentum all their own. On Friday, what started as a visit from one of our kindergartner's Australian grandmother turned into a bake sale organized and executed by the kindergarten class. After they learned about the devastating wildfires in Australia and the impact those fires are having on the koalas, the class decided to take action. Fueled by the innate desire to make a difference, this group of headstrong, creative, and passionate students held a bake sale that drew students of all ages, faculty, staff, and parents. By the day's end, they had raised over $700 or enough money to save 12 koalas. Even though our kindergarten students are too young to recite or fully understand our school's mission, they are already well on their way to embodying the goal of leading impactful, purposeful lives. According to their teacher Suzanne, this is only the beginning—they have more plans. Here's to witnessing these passions emerge and to these everyday moments of brilliance.