Head of School Photo of the Week: January 10, 2020

Yes, that's Elle Lucas (5th grade assistant teacher and temporary 7th team teacher) with raw egg on her head and Briggs Williams (intern, SVSA academic coordinator) with his arms raised in triumph. This annual "Stoked to Get Yolked" event—inspired by  Jimmy Fallon game), arms contestants with a carton of eggs containing four raw eggs and eight hard boiled ones. The first to have two raw eggs smashed on his or her head loses. So what are our 7th graders up to while Briggs and Elle take their chances? In between each round, students calculate the odds that the next player will get yolked, combining fraction to percent conversion with probability and rounding. Afterwards, students explore a range of probability problems, calculating the highest and lowest odds possible during the game and how many permutations of the game there could be.

Moments like this are not unusual on campus. No, not the raw egg on the head aspect of this scene, but rather the chance to put a concept that students had been learning about in class into practice. The fun but practical application of their learning leads to true engagement, wonder, and yes, understanding. With a little joy on the side!