Head of School Photo of the Week: August 14, 2017

Over the course of the summer,  the importance of our creative arts programming has been on my mind. Many of our current students, like rising senior Sofia Lodato, pictured here, along with hundreds of other students from around the country and world, have participated in summer arts offerings on our Trail Creek Campus: St. Thomas Playhouse Company B, the nextStage, and Sun Valley Summer Symphony have all found a home for programming here this summer, which has made for a vibrant campus. 

In addition to experiencing the energy and creativity on campus,  I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful presentation this summer, "The New Meaning of Art Education," hosted by PAHC/studio lab at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum, which focused on the importance of the creative process in all aspects of our students' education. Through these recent experiences and in ongoing work with our division heads to strengthen and align our creative arts programming throughout the school, it has become even more apparent to me that the creative arts are critical to preparing students for their future; this critical programming develops their critical thinking and problem solving skills and promotes their abilities to confidently present and express big, relevant ideas. 

 As we embark on the adventure of the new school year, I am proud we are able to offer our students such inspiring and robust opportunities, through our curriculum and through the rich and varied programming of community partners, to learn, share their talent, and pursue their passion for the creative arts.