Making it: Caroline Fairchild '08

A journalist for LinkedIn’s global editorial team, Caroline Fairchild says, “I feel like my career has been propelled by moments when I raised my hand for an opportunity before anyone else did.” And those who taught Caroline at Sun Valley Community School are not surprised about her success or the passion that she brings to each chapter of her career.

One of the first opportunities that Caroline, a Duke graduate, raised her hand for was at Fortune magazine. She volunteered to be the first writer of The Broadsheet, now a well-known newsletter in the business community. But at the time, it was just an idea that she ran with. When LinkedIn started its editorial team, Caroline jumped on board before it was clear what the team would do or be, and she’s been integral to the success of that editorial effort.

Caroline leads a team of seven reporters charged with creating original reporting and writing for LinkedIn’s large and growing audience. About choosing a career in journalism, Caroline says, “Since I was at Sun Valley Community School, I was always interested in writing. When I got to Duke, I started to explore journalism. I specifically got interested in business journalism because I love how the stories that you tell could have a big impact on the economy and the way people spend their time at work.” Recently married, Caroline is looking forward to the many new opportunities coming her way. And you can bet that she’ll be raising her hand before anyone else!