From Senior Projects to Real-World Careers: Sofia DeWolfe '13

For Sofia DeWolfe ’13, the concept of her Senior Project was to learn something new while giving back to people or a community. Her deep passion for the arts, especially video and photography, led her to volunteer with two nonprofit organizations helping cancer survivors and then documenting the experience in a film. Little did she know that her Senior Project would spark a passion and skill set that ultimately paved the way to her career today.

“I had always been interested in documentary filmmaking, and this felt like an excellent opportunity to put a lot of things together that I felt strongly about,” explains Sofia, who traveled to the Hawaiian island of Maui to volunteer with Athletes4Cancer (now called Project Koru) and then Newport Beach, California, where she spent two months interning with We Are Ocean, another nonprofit helping cancer survivors get back on their feet using the ocean as a healing tool. “Making a film about this experience for my Senior Project felt like such a small thing, but it really inspired me to keep creating films in a way that might inspire people. It was a huge challenge to talk to people about such a tough subject matter during a very vulnerable time in their lives. These skills have helped me immensely in my line of work today. I love creating images and videos that inspire, especially when you have to work extra hard to do that and are at the complete mercy of the elements.”

Today, Sofia is doing exactly that in her role as the Creative Content Manager at the Ketchum-based Idarado Media LLC. The content creation company specializes in marketing the outdoors and adventure for clients including Sun Valley Resort, Traeger Wood-Fired Grills, Yeti, and Decked, among others.

“I shoot and edit video, concept for bigger video and campaign projects, and I also do social media strategy and management,” says Sofia, who graduated from University of California, San Diego in 2017 with a B.A. in visual arts (media) and a minor in marketing. “What I love about our work is that it is really focused on the outdoors. We are a nimble team that can handle shooting in the elements, which makes us really unique compared to other production teams. The work I do also allows me to be creative and have a competitive mindset which I really thrive off of.”

Sofia’s competitive nature stems from her time as an alpine ski racer for Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) while her love of the outdoors found roots in the school’s renowned Outdoor Program. “So much of what I do today comes from experiences and skills I learned through the Outdoor Program,” she explains. “I pretty much find myself drawing from those experiences daily when we do video shoots in less than ideal weather conditions. I am sure almost every Cutthroat can relate to a trip where weather didn’t exactly play nice!”