Head of School Photo of the Week: 2.22.19

On Friday, we gathered in honor of our Seniors, the class of 2019, on the final classroom day of the winter term in the Upper School. Friday marked the last time the entire class would be on campus together for classes, as the majority of them will be heading out on their Senior Projects during the spring term. 

We also gathered in memory of longtime and beloved faculty member, the late Bob Doyle, who taught history, inspired students to give back to their communities, and treated every student as a scholar. 

Hannes Thum, Upper School faculty member and Cutthroat alum, organized this gathering. Hannes had Bob Doyle as a teacher and remembers how Bob used to dress up in a coat and tie (an unusual event at Sun Valley Community School) at the end of winter term to mark the moment when most of our seniors would take the leap into their respective intensive independent study projects. 

We know, as Bob Doyle knew during his time here, that these moments—the seemingly small ones that mark the paths of our students—are worth recognizing and remembering. 

We look forward to hearing from our seniors when they return about what they learned and experienced during these independent studies. From here...anywhere!