innovation days

FREE + open to the public 

At Sun Valley Community School, we are always asking questions, solving problems, making things, exploring new ideas and solutions. Our annual Innovation Days are our chance to invite the wider Wood River Valley community to innovate and explore with us. One Saturday a year, we host Innovation Day for students 9 to 12 years old and an Innovation Day Jr. for students 5 to 8 years old. On these special days, our faculty offer mini-courses designed to engage and inspire. Students are invited to sign up for 2 courses each session. Check out sample courses for both Innovation Day and Innovation Day Jr. below. To be on our mailing list to hear about future Innovation Days, email 

Sample Innovation Courses

Marble Mazes


Building marble mazes is a fun way to exercise our problem-solving muscles, learn to fail forward and persevere, and indulge our creativity.  

Tinfoil + Block Sculptures (Jr.)

Make a hat, a favorite animal, or any number of other things with tinfoil and blocks. Let your creativity shine. 

Kinetic Sculpture Puppet (Jr.) 

Bank away an SAT word ("kinetic") while having fun with sculptures. Kinetic sculptures rely on motion to add to their effect. With our kinetic sculptures, we'll blend engineering with art and have loads of fun. 

flying Drones

It's official—every kid wants a drone. Learn to fly a drone from our filmmakers who use drones as an essential part of the craft. 

stop-motion animation

Stop-motion animation is a great way to being an exploration into filmmaking. Put that iPad to good use and make a movie using your imagination, props and characters you create and more! 

robotics + coding

Coding is fun, especially the way we do it. Join us to learn how to teach robots hundreds of new tricks like playing hide and seek, dancing, jousting and more!