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Project Overview

Since Community School’s founding in 1973, school leaders have taken steps to build the physical infrastructure required for the school to live its mission and provide students with an exceptional learning environment. The Parents’ Association (PA) and student-led Cutthroat Business Club (CBC) propose to remodel the gym and Theatre foyer to serve the mission of the school, support their activities and initiatives, boost school spirit, and advance the school’s marketing, branding, and enrollment efforts.

The PA and CBC seek to remodel the gym and Theatre foyer—the most heavily trafficked single point on campus for students, families, and visitors alike—to create Cutthroat Commons, a space that would allow for a dedicated school store, refresh a key campus focal point, and enhance school spirit, marketing, and enrollment efforts. The proposed remodel would include the following:

  • School store and snackbar;
  • Ticket office and concession stand;
  • Event venue for student, parent, and visitor gatherings;
  • Expanded and enhanced display area for Cutthroat awards and achievements; and,
  • Display area for school publications such as CS Magazine and admissions materials.

  • Students, parents, and hundreds of visitors—i.e., Company B, Sun Valley Symphony Summer Music Institute, and nexStage summer theater program participants, as well as campus headliner and event attendees—use the foyer year round. However, the space is dated and in need of refurbishment and ripe for a remodel that would incorporate additional functionality.

    Project Features

  • New paint, carpet, and blinds;
  • Expanded and enhanced trophy case;
  • Merchandising cabinetry for the display and storage of school store inventory;
  • 80” television monitor to live stream theater productions, display CS videos and images, and create a welcoming ambience;
  • Display case for school materials; and,
  • Furniture, fixtures, and art that create an appropriate first impression and facilitate social gathering.
  • Project Benefits

    The remodel of the gym and theatre foyer will refresh a key campus focal point, upgrade the first impression the space imparts, and enhance the onsite student, parent, and visitor experience:

  • A dedicated and turnkey campus store will facilitate volunteerism, allow for simple, onsite sales of logo apparel and goods, and expand Community School’s brand presence in and beyond the Valley.
  • The remodeled venue will provide the Community School Parents’ Association and student-led Cutthroat Business Club with a venue to raise funds efficiently.
  • The school store and snackbar will give students hands-on experience operating a business and enable students to test entrepreneurial initiatives within an existing platform.
  • The space will allow for concession and ticket office sales, which will boost attendance at home games, heighten school spirit, and provide for fundraising opportunities for Community School’s athletic and theater departments.
  • The refurbishment will expand the existing trophy wall case to two and one half times its current size and enable Community School to display Cutthroat achievements on the fields, courts, trails, and slopes in a properly sized environement.
  • The new venue, headquaters to many summer programs, including two local theater camps and the Sun Valley Symphony Summer Music Institute, will display school marketing materials such as CS Magazine, admissions brochures, and other materials on an attractively designed and mission-branded wall.
  • An 80” television monitor will allow the school to livestream student presentations, theater productions, and speaker engagements, as well as display school video and photo content.

  • Cutthroat Commons will result in many tangible benefits for Community School students, parents, and visitors alike. The Parents’ Association and student-led Cutthroat Business Club welcome your support and involvement and would be delighted to offer you a tour of the proposed project remodel.

    Project Budget and Funds Raised to Date

    The projected budget for Cutthroat Commons is $85,142. To date, Cutthroat Commons committee members have secured $57,542 of the needed $85,142 in funds, and the remodel is underway with an expected completion date of March 1, 2018.

    Project Timeline

    The Cutthroat Commons remodel launched in November 2017 and has an anticipated completion date of March 1, 2018.

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    Cutthroat Business Club

    Club Mission

    The Cutthroat Business Club (CBC) provides opportunities for Upper School students to learn about business, entrepreneurship, and finance while supporting fundraising and spirit initiatives in support of Community School. Club members play a role in managing Cutthroat Commons and Cutthroat Clothing, develop school spirit programming, and benefit from educational opportunities related to business.

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