Other Giving

There are many ways to support the vibrant and dynamic institution that is Community School. The school gratefully accepts donations to its academies, the Creative Arts Academy, the Outdoor Leadership Academy, and the Sun Valley Ski Academy, and also welcomes contributions for mission-appropriate programs and causes. To discuss a potential gift to a specific school program, please contact the Development Office.

Support Specific Community School Programs

Creative Arts Academy

Support the Creative Arts Academy (CAA)

Launched in 2016, the Creative Arts Academy (CAA) provides Upper School students with the opportunity to pursue their passions for either the visual arts, performing arts, or music. Students develop their potential as artists and performers through a program that offers preprofessional training in the arts, delivered by a faculty of dedicated, working artists and performers. Alongside a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum, the CAA offers students a rich and diverse education that honors their interests and talents while building an invaluable academic foundation.

Your generosity in support of the CAA allows us to augment our arts offerings in numerous ways. Here are examples of how your dollars can make a difference:

Outdoor Program and Leadership Academy

Support the Outdoor Leadership Academy (OLA)

Launched in 2011, the Outdoor Leadership Academy (OLA) provides authentic leadership opportunities to Upper School students. This three or four year program develops the skills, experience, and certifications students need to lead outdoor trips and fosters general leadership skills that can be transferred to any setting, from the backcountry to the boardroom. Students complete core program requirements in addition to one skill-based section in Mountain and Rock, River, Backcountry Winter Travel, or Wilderness Travel. Although an intensive program, the OLA allows students to also focus on academics and other interests.

Your generosity in support of the OLA allows us to enahnce our outdoor leadership offerings in numerous ways. Here are examples of how your dollars can make a difference:

Sun Valley Ski Academy

Support the Sun Valley Ski Academy (SVSA)

Launched in 2011, the Sun Valley Ski Academy (SVSA) pairs the best of a Community School education with the proven coaching power of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF), USSA’s Club of the Year in 2013. Our partnership provides student-athletes with an outstanding education that also allows them to train and compete at the highest levels. We support our winter athletes with many specialized services, including summer term academic offerings, a dedicated tutor, online learning modules for when they are on the road, and a shortened schedule in the winter. More than 40 percent of our Upper School students compete as skiers or snowboarders, and we are responsive to their needs and challenges. Our faculty members pride themselves on their ability to support our student-athletes in all facets of their Community School experience.

Your generosity in support of the SVSA allows us to enrich this program in many different ways. Here are examples of how your dollars can make a difference:

Specific Purpose Gifts

Community School has many specific mission-appropriate needs that donors often find compelling. To discuss making a gift for a specific purpose, please contact the Development Office. Gifts may need to meet certain criteria to ensure that the donation can fulfill its intended purpose.

I think it's great that the school introduced more pathways for aspiring creative arts students to explore and enjoy their interests. Lucy '18

The Community School mission inspires students to "lead impactful, purposeful lives," and the Outdoor Leadership Academy helps students to live the mission. Hunter '19

We are a school with skiing on the side—not a ski academy with school on the side. SVSA athletes benefit from the best of both.Johnny '20

Nighttime Skiing with Matt '18

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OLA Backcountry Ski Adventure

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The Children's Hour

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Chiloe Spelius '17 in Chile

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