Legacy Giving

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estate planning Enables You to Protect Your Assets, Minimize Your Taxes, and Benefit the people and causes you care about through Legacy giving.

Every adult has an estate, which comprises all of your assets and property. An estate plan—in the form of a will, trust, beneficiary instructions, or other instruments—provides for how your estate should be handled after your lifetime.

An estate plan ensures that your assets go to the people and organizations that you choose. By creating an estate plan, you ensure that your wishes with respect to your estate are honored. If you do not have an estate plan, state law determines who will receive your assets.

When creating an estate plan, there are many questions to ask and consider:

  • What do I value?
  • What are my assets?
  • Who should receive these assets?
  • What other objectives should my estate plan accomplish?
  • Who can help me create my estate plan?
  • Who will manage my estate?
  • How often should I update my estate plans?

Individuals often wish to support organizations they care about beyond their lifetime. There are ways to accomplish this objective while simultaneously realizing ancillary benefits:

  • Reduced or eliminated capital gains tax.
  • Lifetime income for the donor and/or another beneficiary.
  • Substantial federal income tax deductions.
  • Eliminated or reduced federal estate taxes.
  • Higher income streams from low-yielding assets.
  • Legacy provision for you and your family through a meaningful gift to a cause or causes you care about.

By naming Sun Valley Community School in your will or estate plan, you can help ensure that the school thrives forever.

Share Your Plans

If you have already named Sun Valley Community School in your will, please tell us below! Knowing of your commitment to the school allows us to thank you, honor your wishes, and maximize the impact of your future gift. Unless you instruct us otherwise, you also become a member of the Trail Creek Society.


Estate Planning Information


The Trail Creek Society honors those individuals who have informed us that they have included Sun Valley Community School in their estate plans. Since 1973, generous alumni, faculty, parents, and friends have ensured the continued strength of Sun Valley Community School by including the school in their philanthropic planning. By making a provision for Sun Valley Community School in your estate planning, you become a member of the Trail Creek Society. For more information about the Trail Creek Society, or to notify us that you should be included as a Trail Creek Society honoree, please contact the Development Office.


Honor Roll

Peggy & John Baker

Barbara Boswell

Katherine O'Malley & Rob McGowan

Charlotte Unger

Our family has been at Sun Valley Community School for 16 years for a total of 36 academic years. Our three children are each very different, and the school accommodated them superbly to help them reach their fullest potential. We love the school and want to see it continue to flourish and improve by including it in our plans.Peggy Baker, past Sun Valley Community School Parent and Board Director


Sun Valley Community School is a communal enterprise. Our ability to educate current and future generations of Cutthroats rests, in large part, on the philanthropy of our community. I am grateful to those who have remembered the school in their legacy planning and helped ensure that Sun Valley Community School will live forever.Ben Pettit, Head of School