Your Vision Sustains Our Excellence

Gifts to the endowment are a long-term investment in the financial health of Sun Valley Community School. Endowment funds are permanent funds that provide the school with earned income. Thanks to the generosity of individuals over the school's history, our endowment assets totaled approximately $7.4 million as of June 1, 2021. Each year, a portion of the earned income generated by the school's endowment is used to support the operating budget, and these funds are essential to what the school is able to accomplish. We welcome and encourage contributions to core endowment funds and existing named funds. Opportunities also exist to establish new, mission-appropriate named endowment funds. Please contact Trent Smither at tsmither@communityschool.org or 208.622.3960, ext. 164 for more details.

Ways to Support the School's Endowment

Courtyard at the Sun Valley Community School

An aerial view of Sun Valley Community School's Trail Creek Campus, by Oliver Guy '18.