Annual Auction 2017


On behalf of your Ketchum-based parent tour guides, we thank you for traveling with us "from here...anywhere" at the Limelight Hotel! We are delighted to report that we reached our fundraising destination and surpassed our goal. Our travel planners have determined that we raised more than $220,000 at the Community School Auction. These results are truly a community-wide achievement that will benefit our school and every single student on campus. Volunteers, donors, attendees, dance-party participants, and fire-pit conversationalists...You made this happen, and we are grateful for your support!

Travel With CS

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Sally "One More for the Road" Gillespie

Trina "Hairspray" Peters

Rob "Into the Wild" McGowan

Lisa "Cool Hand" Whorton

Please fly with us again! We want this extraordinary school, made up of extraordinary teachers, staff, students, and families to continue to be better every year. It simply would not happen without each of us, every time we volunteer our time and resources to make Community School an exceptional learning environment. Sally Gillespie, Rob McGowan,
Trina Peters, and Lisa Whorton
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