Annual Fund

Every Fish in the School Counts!

Your Generosity Makes a Difference

The Annual Fund is the centerpiece of the school’s annual fundraising efforts. It represents the second largest source of unrestricted operating funds after tuition.

Providing more than five percent of Sun Valley Community School’s annual operating budget, Annual Fund dollars enable the school to support those programs that make Sun Valley Community School unique—the unrivaled Outdoor Program, the wide variety of creative arts, service learning, and athletic programs, teacher salaries and classroom enrichment, and financial aid to well-qualified students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Sun Valley Community School education.

Each and every gift makes a difference in the school's ability to fulfill its mission and provide an excellent education.

Every fish in the school counts
One hundred percent participation from faculty, staff, and current families is a key goal of the Annual Fund. Achieving this goal shows a commitment to the growth of our school and to the programs and opportunities these funds provide.


Amanda Black, Annual Fund Co-Chair


2017-18 Financial Presentation

Board Director Will Hovey discusses the school's finances.