How to Give

Checks and Cash

Sun Valley Community School accepts gifts of cash, through a valid bank or brokerage account, by means of check, credit card, wire transfer or debit card. The date of the gift is recorded as the date that the gift is received by the Development Office. The one exception is a calendar year-end gift, which is recorded as of the postmark date. Gifts are tax deductible in the year in which they are received. Checks should be made out to Sun Valley Community School and mailed to: Sun Valley Community School, Development Office, PO Box 2118, Sun Valley, ID 83353.

Gifts of Stock

If you own securities that have appreciated, you may find that you can make a larger gift at a lower cost than by using cash. Gifts of long-term appreciated assets are particularly beneficial in terms of tax savings.

Sun Valley Community School accepts gifts of appreciated property in the form of stock (other than closely-held) through the school’s brokerage accounts. In the case of electronic stock transfers, Sun Valley Community School has instructed its account managers to sell transferred securities as soon as possible after the transfer. The date of the gift is determined by the date the securities transfer into Sun Valley Community School’s account, and securities are valued as of the transfer date.

Securities transferred by other means, either through the mail or hand delivered, will be counted as transferred on the date that Sun Valley Community School takes possession of the securities. All physical delivery of securities should be accompanied with a signed stock power and share certificate. As in electronic transfers, securities will be sold as soon as possible after Sun Valley Community School takes possession.

Instructions for Wire and Stock Transfers

Donors are urged to contact the Development Office ahead of wiring funds or transferring securities to assure proper credit and acknowledgement for their gift. When transferring securities, please provide us with all transfer and stock information, including the name of the stock, the number of shares, the fund designation, and the donor's name.

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Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

Sun Valley Community School accepts gifts of tangible personal property, otherwise known as "gifts in kind," provided that items are appropriate to the school's mission. Gifts in kind may include, but are not limited to, musical instruments, electronics, outdoor gear, furniture, works of art, real estate, and more. The school reserves the right to sell or donate the item if, at some future time, it no longer serves the purpose for which it was intended. To discuss donating a gift in kind to Sun Valley Community School, please contact the Development Office.

For tax purposes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats all gifts in kind uniquely, and Sun Valley Community School strongly suggests that donors consult with their tax advisors and tax return preparers whenever making a donation of this kind. Gifts in kind are typically deductible according to IRS regulations. For proper acknowledgement, donors should provide Sun Valley Community School with a detailed description of the item when making the donation. According to IRS guidelines, Sun Valley Community School will provide the donor with an acknowledgement of the gift, but will not acknowledge an assumed fair market value (FMV) unless the donor provides an independent appraisal. It is the donor’s responsibility to substantiate the property's fair market value to the IRS.

If the donor values the gift over $500, the donor must file IRS form 8283. In addition, the donor must obtain a qualified appraisal to determine the value of donations exceeding $5,000 and submit an Appraisal Summary to Sun Valley Community School (IRS form 8283 Part B). Should Sun Valley Community School sell a gift with an original value of $500 or more within three years of receipt, Sun Valley Community School will submit a Donee Information Return (IRS Form 8282) stating the value received from the sale.

Gifts of Real Estate

Sun Valley Community School may accept outright gifts of real estate provided certain conditions are met, including a clean environmental report and title search at the donor’s expense. Additional requirements may be imposed on a gift if the property is intended to be held for the use and benefit of the school's endowment. Please contact the Development Office to discuss a gift of real estate.


Outright gifts of real estate are governed by the same IRS regulations that govern other non-cash gifts of property. Donors submit an IRS form 8283 with the qualified appraisal information stating the property’s fair market value. A Donee Information Return (IRS Form 8282) will be submitted by Sun Valley Community School if the real property is sold within three years of the date of transfer from the donor to Sun Valley Community School.