Visual Arts

Students painting at a table in a classroom

In the Visual Arts discipline, students will develop their facility with the techniques and processes of art as a means of expressing emotions and conceptual ideas. Although students may concentrate in one medium, students will be encouraged to try different artistic forms before selecting a concentration. Students in the Visual Arts are expected to find opportunities to display their art and participate in collaborative artistic opportunities throughout the Wood River Valley community.

CAA Visual Arts Requirements

  • Minimum of two terms of Art History
  • Minimum of one year in a specific discipline
  • Development of an art portfolio based on the guidelines of AP Studio Art
  • Maintenance of sketchbook and digital portfolio throughout participation in program
  • Final exhibit of artwork during senior year, either as part of Creative Arts Week or in gallery

Visual Arts Courses

  • Video Production I, II, III
  • Video Production IS
  • Studio Art I,II, III
  • Advanced Studio Practice: Studio Art
  • Photography I,II, III: Black & White (Fall, Winter); Digital (Spring, Summer)
  • Advanced Studio Practice: Photography
  • Ceramics I, II, III
  • Advanced Studio Practice; Ceramics
  • Art History
  • Architecture
  • Portfolio & Critique

The CAA is an outlet for anybody with any artistic inspiration, whether you're a master at the craft or not. Whether you're focusing on singing, drawing, painting, or drama, there is always room for growth and improvement.

Jasper '20