Performing Arts

Students will be introduced to a wide range of techniques aimed at building their “actor’s toolkit.”  This is an essential set of skills that gives the actor a tried and true method of working on material and collaborating with other theatermakers.  With a foundation in the Stanislavski system, actors will sample Meisner technique, Practical Aesthetics and ensemble devising, all in an effort to answer the question: who am I as an artist?  This program is also designed both to prepare students for the college audition process, and help them make informed choices about which college program they may want to attend if they choose to explore B.F.A. performing arts programs.

The Creative Arts academy has not only given me an outlet to express my creativity, but has allowed me to build a practical set of artistic tools to use in the real world. The arts is an outlet for me in which I can live a vulnerable, authentic life.Rye '21, 
Drama student at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts