Sofia '18

A woman playing a piano on stage
Because we are such a small school, every single student is able to fully pursue the arts and have access to people who are truly invested in his or her objectives. I have found this to be very different from what my friends at other schools or in different states experience regarding the arts—different in a good way. I don't feel like another face in the crowd when I'm trying to follow my artistic passion here at Sun Valley Community School; I feel significant.

Christine '19

Two students performing on stage

I wanted to enroll in CAA because I love acting and being on the stage. It's important to have this option at Sun Valley Community School because so many people have many talents in the arts, and it's great that we can focus on that at school and outside the classroom.

Chloe '18

A student standing on stage during a performance
One of my favorite things about arts programming at Sun Valley Community School is that the arts faculty are really striving to make the CAA into a community in which students and teachers can work together. They are always open to new suggestions and ideas for the CAA.

Anik '18

A student standing on stage during a performance

I think the benefits of the CAA are that kids have a more defined place to specialize and practice their craft and that it makes the goal of pursuing the arts in college more attainable. I’ve appreciated the willingness of the teachers within the CAA to offer advice. They’ve answered so many of the questions that I have about education and a career in the arts; their dedication to the students and their support have been unparalleled and have made my next steps more apparent.

Jasper '20

A group of students on stage during a performance
As someone who isn't heavily involved in many sports or outdoor opportunities at Sun Valley Community School, the CAA is a perfect place to explore the possibilities that the many forms of art have to offer. I think that the CAA has so much potential. Whether you're focusing on singing, drawing, painting, or drama, there is always room for growth and improvement here. And not only is there a lot of progress made regarding skill through the CAA, but we have a lot of fun in the process—it's an outlet for anybody with any artistic inspiration, whether you're a master at the craft or not. I look forward to seeing how the Creative Arts Academy grows in the future.



Lucy '18

Students playing violins during a performance
When I first heard about the CAA, I was really pumped that there was going to be a program that would give me the room and motivation to further pursue my passions. I signed up right away. I think it's great that the school introduced more pathways for aspiring creative arts students. CAA allows more students to explore and enjoy things they're interested in, while giving them proper credit for doing so.

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