About the CAA

The Creative Arts Academy at Sun valley Community School allows students to pursue in-depth their passion for either the visual or performing arts in order to foster and grow their potential as artists and performers.

The curriculum of the Creative Arts Academy provides students with a rich and diverse education in both the arts and academics.

Students will find their arts education enhanced by teachers who are working professionals in their respective fields.  The core requirements for CAA is based on the focus of the different disciplines of Drama, Visual Arts and Music. Students may join CAA at any point in their high school career via an open application process, however CAA students must declare a focus in their applications and must meet certain benchmarks at the end of each year in order to continue.

Students transferring to Sun Valley Community School as juniors or seniors may apply as long as they have met some minimum requirements in order to complete the program successfully. In order to receive a certificate of completion, students must complete the requirements of the CAA by the end of their senior year.