A group of students performing on stage

Creative Arts Academy

Pursue your passion for the arts at Our Boarding School


Do you have a passion for the arts? Sun Valley Community School’s Creative Arts Academy (CAA) offers Upper School students the opportunity to pursue an in-depth exploration of visual arts, music, or performing arts alongside a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum.




Creative Arts Academy Specialties

Performing Arts

Through explorations of movement, improvisation, and collaboration, students will discover the unique voice that lives in each of them. As they progress, students will apply their new skills to text ranging from classical to contemporary. Additionally, classes will focus on inhabiting a neutral body and an imaginary body, voice and speech, emotional recall, and psychophysical gesture.

Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts discipline, students will develop their facility with the techniques and processes of art as a means of expressing emotions and conceptual ideas. Although students may concentrate in one medium, students will be encouraged to try different artistic forms before selecting a concentration. Students in the Visual Arts pursue opportunities to display their art and participate in collaborative artistic opportunities throughout the Wood River Valley community.


In the Music discipline, students will develop technique and facility on their instrument or voice as well as proficiency in reading, rhythm, and various aspects of musicality. Students will gain experience working within an ensemble and performing.

CAA Voices

Coming from San Francisco, I wasn't sure how easy or difficult it would be to continue to pursue my musical passions in a small town, but Sun Valley Community School has paved the way for many of my opportunities. I have been able to pursue piano and music theory through independent studies (for which I receive credit on my transcript, which is amazing). I was even able to take the AP Music Theory exam! The teachers here are absolutely wonderful and have all at one point encouraged me, regardless of what subject they teach, to continue with my interests in music.

Sofia '18