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 COVID-19 cases


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Dashboard Updated 1.19.21

*Confirmed cases are cases in the 10-day window from either:
-onset of symptoms
-positive test in the absence of symptoms

**UPDATE FOR 1.17.21

We have a current spike of COVID-19 cases in our Upper School population. The vast majority of positive cases and exposures have NOT been on campus and ALL have been isolated. Quarantine procedures are being followed and there is no impact on school programming for the week of January 19. If, out of an abundance of caution, you would like to remain remote for this week, please contact your division head.


Estamos sufriendo en la actualidad un alto índice de casos de COVID-19 en nuestra población de la Escuela Secundaria. La gran mayoría de los casos positivos y exposiciones NO han estado en el campus y TODOS han sido aislados. Se están siguiendo los procedimientos de cuarentena y no hay impacto en la programación de la escuela para la semana del 19 de enero. Si, por precaución, desea permanecer alejado durante esta semana, por favor contacte con el director de su escuela.

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We will respect the privacy and medical confidentiality of our community members who test positive for COVID-19. Although it is understandable that individuals would want to know if they have been exposed to someone who has a confirmed case, it is important to remember that we will work closely with the South Central Public Health Department to determine who needs to be contacted based on the SCPHD's contract tracing investigation of each case.