Boarding Program

High School Boarding Program in Idaho

Boarding school is different here. Our residential students are a community of committed student-athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and intrepid travelers who choose to make their home at 5,853 feet in the unparalleled mountain-town setting of Sun Valley, Idaho. 

From their home at Sun Valley Community School’s Rufus M. Brown Hall, they challenge themselves academically, pursue athletic passions, and make the most of the unparalleled setting. As a community, our students prioritize trust, respect, honesty, responsibility, teamwork, and healthy living.


Our students choose our boarding school for many reasons. Some are competitive skiers who want to excel in their sport with the best training possible on one of the best ski teams in the country, while getting a well-rounded college prep education. Other students choose our boarding school because they want to have a rigorous academic experience merged with a well-established and innovative Outdoor Program that intentionally builds outdoor leadership skills.  Still, others are looking for the adventure of a lifetime. We have that in spades. 


FAQs about our Boarding Program

Where are you located? Well, funny you should ask. We are in Sun Valley, Idaho and one of only two boarding schools in Idaho and one of the few boarding schools in the Rocky Mountain West. We have mountains, rivers, endless mountain trails, lots of sunshine, and a community of thinkers and doers and makers. 

What do you do in Sun Valley, Idaho? Sun Valley is the birthplace of ski racing in America, so yes, many people here are passionate about logging vertical feet in the powder or crushing the gates. But there's so much more to Sun Valley. We have arts and culture to rival many metropolitan areas; our small community has hosted the likes of Sir Salman Rushdie, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michael Chabon, and David Sedaris in recent years. We have a growing film festival, and we have a world-renowned summer symphony. We have four amazing seasons that invite—almost demand—you to get outside and play.  Full disclosure? We don't do a lot of couch surfing here. But everyone needs some down time every once in a while!

What's life like in your dorm? It's like your second home with lots of extra siblings. The food is great. The suites or "pods" are spacious and comfortable. The staff is reliable, relatable, and here to make sure you have a safe, fun, and worthwhile experience here. 


  • Broaden your perspective, as you connect with students from across the country and around the world;
  • Challenge yourself academically, through an engaging and rigorous college-preparatory curriculum;
  • Explore the mountains, forests, and rivers of Idaho and the Intermountain West through our renowned Outdoor Program;
  • Enjoy an exceptional residential facility, complete with amenities that include a 3,200 sq.-foot Athletes’ Training Center, spacious and comfortable dormitory suites, and comfortable lounge and study areas—all within a short drive to world-class skiing and a vibrant mountain town.

Our Backyard

Being a part of the boarding program at Sun Valley Community School was one of the most impactful experiences in my life thus far. I am positive that the memories, friendships, and life skills that I acquired while living in the dorm will last me a lifetime. Being surrounded by such fun and positive energy helps inspire me to be my best self, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the last two years of my high school career.


Ruby Marden '16, St. Lawrence Class of 2021