US: Boys' Basketball Seniors Reflect

For many of this year's players, basketball has been a big part of their time as a Cutthroat. All six senior co-captains have played since middle school, with five of the six playing for Community School since then. The varsity squad has 8 seniors on the roster this year who enter the season with hopes, dreams and memories. We sat down with the six senior co-captains to see what they had to say about their favorite memories (one word: Sid!), strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming season, and what they’ll miss most about their time on the SVCS hardwood. Meet Wilson Baker (shooting guard), Jack Colgate (small forward), Braden Buchanan (point guard), Sid Tomlinson (center), Charlie Stewart (power forward), and George Murray (point guard). 

 Q: What stands out as your favorite SVCS basketball memory? 
*During last season’s lose-out game in the District Tournament, the #8-seeded Cutthroats ultimately beat #4-seeded Castleford in overtime 45-42 in what Director of Athletics Richard Whitelaw described as, “A phenomenally, thrilling, gutsy performance from the Cutthroats. They played with such tenacity and heart and we all should all be very proud of their resilience. What a game!”

Jack: I had air-balled the shot to win the game [against Castleford], the ball hits the backboard, I’m devastated, Sid grabs it and quickly does a layup with like one second left. I’ll never forget it. I’ll remember it as my greatest pass.  

George: By far our Castleford win when Sid had a game-time shot at the buzzer sending us into overtime and we ended up winning the game in overtime. It was the District Tournament–only our third game of the season due to Covid, no less, it was a really good time and game.

Charlie: Probably Sid (Tomlinson) making a two-pointer to tie the game vs. Castleford in the District Tournament sending us into overtime, there was one second left, he made a two-pointer. We ended up winning in overtime. It was awesome. 

Wilson: I think our 8th-grade season was the most memorable because that whole group was at a peak for its passion for the game. This year’s team for sure has passion and has the potential to be the most memorable one yet. And when all is said and done it most likely will be. 

Braden: Late-night open gyms. There’s no specific memory, I just will remember the ritual of those sessions, going to Atkinsons’ before, all of it. 

Q: What do you think are this year's varsity team's strengths? Weaknesses? What are you most excited about this season? 

Jack: Our strength is that we are really a cohesive unit. This season, we are a lot smarter with the ball than in past years, and we’re more skillful now that we are seniors. I think our only weakness is due to Covid: we haven’t had a lot of game experience, but it will come together. 

George: Our strength is definitely our defense. This year, we also have good shooting and Sid [Tomlinson] as our anchor. 

Wilson: I am most excited to win games this season. It would be great to show future generations what basketball is all about. 

Braden: I’m really hopeful for this year's team. We have so many strong players, and there are strengths in our game plan, as well as our individual skills; Our weakness might be that we didn’t play a ton last year, so there’s a lack of in-game experience, but after a few games I’m confident we’ll be back in it. 

Charlie: We have great ball movement, we have a great defense. One weakness might be being composed against solid defenses, and seeing the whole court. We need some more time, but we’re gonna get there. 

Sid: I hope we’ll be an efficient team this year and win all our games. Our experience is a strength, I think after years of playing together it really does make a difference. 

Q: What will you miss most about playing basketball for SVCS? 

Wilson: All the little moments like time in the locker room laughing, 
Charlie: Open gym!. 
George: Definitely being with my friends, we’ve been playing together a long time. I think we’ll come back to play together when we graduate. 
Braden: Open gym for fun and definitely the friendships! And the great times we’ve had together playing in and outside of school. 
Jack: The camaraderie of coming to practice every day and working as a team, but also just playing basketball with friends for a long time. We are definitely going to continue with summer basketball, though! 
Sid: I think playing with my friends and having fun is what I’ll miss.