Service Learning + All School Clothing Drive

Service Learning + Community Connections Coordinator Calysta Phillips once again spearheaded a season of giving back for students, faculty, and parents at Sun Valley Community School. In keeping with the longstanding tradition of The Giving Tree, students, faculty and administrators sponsored 24 children from The Advocates to make their holidays a little brighter with gifts. Additionally, parents, faculty, and students were given the opportunity to consider donating to the Sun Valley Board of Realtors. In lieu of the annual toy and book drive, due to COVID, the organization will use donations to buy food gift cards for 3,000 valley residents and clothing and toy gift cards for 1,500 children!

In new service learning news, a warm clothing drive for families in need in Shoshone was also offered this season as another way to do good this season. While Shoshone is in a neighboring county, many of their residents commute to and from work in our valley. To spread the word, Hannah Young’s 1st grade class publicized the effort, creating signs and collecting donations. 

We asked students why they thought it was important to give back and how warm clothing might’s what they had to say. Stay warm, Cutthroats!

  • Sloane: It makes us all feel good to help people!
  • Holly: Because some people don’t have coats, and they don’t want to be cold.
  • Arielle: Some people don’t get to be outside in the winter because they don’t have warm clothes to wear. You need warm clothes to have fun outside!
  • Wyatt: It helps people survive because they can freeze without a coat!
  • Asher: Because if we don’t help people stay warm, they could freeze.
  • Sophie: Because if you don’t have coats, you won’t be warm. 
  • Thea: Because it’s winter, and it can be REALLY cold. 
  • Maddie: Some people don’t have a family to help them. 
  • Freya: Because most people don’t have warm clothes.
  • Joanna: Some people don’t have coats and they get cold.