Residential Program Spotlight: Big Mountain Athletes + Roomies Addison and Eloise

Freshman Cutthroats Addison Featherman and Eloise Hogan have more in common than just being in the same grade. Both are Sun Valley Ski Academy boarding students in their first year at SVCS; they compete for Sun Valley Ski Education Foundations’ Big Mountain team and yes, they are roommates. Addison hails from Crested Butte, Colorado, while Eloise counts the Big Apple as home. We sat down with both to find out why they joined Sun Valley Community School, what life is like in the dorm and on the mountain, and overall, and what they’ve learned from each other. 

Why did you choose Sun Valley Community School? 
Addison Featherman: I moved here to be a part of Sun Valley Ski Academy and the Outdoor Leadership Academy. It is also such an amazing community and I love being in such a small school where the students and teachers have such a close relationship. I love how close I am with my teachers and that coming to school is not the burn that I have felt at other schools. I enjoy coming to school now! 

Eloise Hogan: About a year ago I decided to make the life-changing decision to move from New York City to a small town in Idaho. I knew I wanted to leave the city in order to connect with nature and take my skiing to the next level. I have noticed that my happiness is sparked with being outdoors and on some kind of adventure. SVCS does a really great job of teaching kids survival skills which most adults still don't know! This school gives young adults a unique chance to find what they are passionate about early on. 

What is dorm living like in Sun Valley? How is it being roommates?  
AF: I love living in the dorm because of all of the amazing people you get to meet from all types of backgrounds. The community in the dorm is so supportive. I love being a roommate with Eloise because it is amazing to be living with your best friend and to live with someone who is going through the same thing you are, from missing home to making new friends. We have each other to get through it all with. The dorm is surrounded by amazing staff members from the RAs to Carl and Tracey. They do so much for the students.

EH: Leaving my family and a big city to move across the country was definitely scary! However, I couldn't ask for a more helpful second home to count on or a better roommate. Not only is there delish food cooked by Tracey and Carl, but also great RAs to help you get around town and help with homework. The dorm also organizes monthly trips such as Christmas tree hunting out Warm Springs and river rafting trips. Certainly Addison and I spend a lot of time together but I couldn't ask for a better roommate and best friend. Addison and I love to go on adventures together, ski, and watch “New Girl” episodes. 

Tell us about the Big Mountain team!
AF: I was on a Big Mountain team for three years before joining SVSEF’s team. Before that, I was on a race team for a year. I love being on this team because you get to be so creative, and it is such a supportive ski community. Just this weekend, we competed at Snowbird (Utah) and  I placed 4th in Vol.1 and podiumed (3rd) in Vol.2. 

EH: I ski raced for an East Coast team my whole life until I moved to Sun Valley. When I moved here, I not only left my home behind but also the one sport I spent my whole life practicing. I am now in my first year of the Big Mountain team and have found a new appreciation for the sport. Not only is the team a great second family, but it is also a great way to make new friends as a new student. 
You are now knee deep in Winter Term. How is the student-athlete balance going?
AF: I have to miss a lot of school during the ski season due to competitions. The academic support that this school gives us is amazing, and I am grateful for the fact that the teachers here 
work with me and my coaches to help me keep my grades up. The small classes at SVCS help me learn because there is more time for questions and discussions. 
EH. Being an athlete and student is sometimes hard to juggle, but our reliable teachers and coaches make it 10 times easier! 
Favorite dorm memory so far? 
AF: There are so many amazing memories already! But I think my favorite has to be the dorm “White Elephant” party. It was so fun to see everyone participate and have a good time laughing with each other.  
EH: I would agree with Addison. The memories are endless! My favorite memory has to be going to Redfish Lake. We paddle boarded on the beautiful lake and enjoyed the sun. 

Favorite dorm dish courtesy of Tracey (Caraluzzi, Residence Hall Chef)? 
AF: My favorite dish is definitely Tracey’s Peruvian chicken!  

Outside of Big Mountain and school, what else are you involved in?
AF: Outside of the ski team, I am on the volleyball team and the tennis team. I am also going to  try to get a job this spring. The dorm is really good with transportation and works with us to coordinate us getting us to where we need to go. 
EH: Along with the Big Mountain team, I have spent much of my time this winter participating in RotaRippers. It’s a program run by the local RotaRun ski mountain in Hailey that helps young, underprivileged or at-risk kids ages five to 12 learn how to ski. Every Tuesday I get to bring smiles to young children's faces by bringing them out and giving them a chance to ski.