MS + ES Arts: Weaving Their Way Into Fall

Middle School students are soaking in an intensive exploration of all things woven this fall. Explains MS and ES Art Teacher Cara Frost, “From paper strips and "daily delights,” to tracking our moods with a DIY loom on our sketchbooks, we are revealing the little things that bring us joy and the emotions that surface in-between. Independently, students are working off of a "choice board" to explore and combine techniques and the endless possibilities of yarn, natural materials, photographs, plastic bags, fabric, and clay to develop their own project which can answer the question, "How are you woven into your artwork?" In the Elementary School, the weaving theme remains strong and uses a variety of methods that are age appropriate. Kindergarten and first grade students are working with natural materials and playing with painted patterns on sticks to weave into a collaborative loom. Second graders are working on incorporating embroidery into portraits and onto fabric. Third grade is working with three-dimensional basket weaving with looms, while fourth grade is responding to the question of “How can I weave myself into a robot?” and 5th grade Cutthroats are "weaving a story.” Who knew weaving could be so fun and apply to all ages!