Middle School Musical Creations

This term in the Middle School, each student will write, record, and produce an entirely original song and music video. To start, students are building their own songs using Soundtrap, a collaborative online music creation and editing platform. Students have thousands of loops and instruments to choose from, allowing for dozens of unique tracks. From there, students brainstormed ideas for song lyrics focusing on their background tracks as inspiration and the idea that their lyrics should tell a story. Next, the students record their lyrics into their background tracks. Using the two recording studios around Megan's room, students record and mix their audio tracks. After the Middle School returns from trips, music video planning, filming, and editing will begin. The final few steps of the project include album art work and learning about marketing strategies, as well as how musicians get paid through streaming services. This is a yearly project that all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders look forward to every spring. When a student leaves middle school they will have produced three songs from each year, showing growth in musical knowledge, but also interests and use of lyrical imagery. We are looking forward to hearing and seeing the final creations from these classes!